Folk de Future

by Celtic Cross

Here I stand, The man that I am, Don`t have a culture, Don`t have a clan, Don`t have a country, Don`t give a damn, cos I DO have a mind, and I will make a stand. To the Fascists coming up to me and snubbin what I do. Well I`ll do just what I like if it`s all the same to you. Cos I Don`t believe in race and I don`t believe in class. You`re all too damn far up your own damn ass. Do you hear what I`m saying ? I don`t care where you come from. Do you hear what I`m saying ? I don`t care who you are. Do you hear what I`m saying ? Believe in the peace man. Do you hear what I`m saying ? LOVE. Check it out ! When there`s nobody left to sing the songs of Peace there`ll be no Peace no more. When there`s nobody left to sing the songs of Freedom there`ll be no Freedom no more. Czech it out, Czech it Out ! History lesson starting……… NOW In the second world war we had to deal with the Nazis, Cos Hitler and the boys had a thing about the Jews, Now anyone with sense knows that Adolf was a Bastard, So why are you so keen to step into his shoes ? Once upon a time down the old gold mine they could shoot you if you was black, We were all so keen to end the regime but now you better not turn your back, Hear me Now. Peace and Freedom ! When you`re sending in the soldiers. Peace and Freedom ! When you`re fighting in the streets. Peace and Freedom ! Give us our own manifesto. Peace and Freedom ! To live as we please. In a sweet little place they call “The Emerald Isle” They been fighting for so long that they can`t remember why, Why the children have to suffer, why the people have to die, When we`re asking for an answer get the same old Lies. BACK DOWN, BOTH SIDES, DON`T MAKE THE SOLUTION COST NO MORE LIVES. I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike, I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like ! Start using your Brain, Put down that gun, I`ll show you something, That`s much more fun. We`re gonna have a riot to a record`s revolution, Put another 2 sugars in the final solution. Don`t try to chain the world, Don`t try to claim the land, You`re messing with a power that you`ll never understand. Look down your nose cos you think that you own it, You`re not even close man I tell you you`ve blown it, Page after page in the history books shown it, But when will you ever learn ? INDIVIDUALITY EQUALITY
When the sky is Oh so grey and all the rain is pouring down, I often wonder where the sun goes when she`s not around. Up above the clouds she`s hiding Up above the world she`s shining bright. Above it all and out of sight. When the ceiling`s bearing down and all the walls are closing in, Sit and watch the daylight fading, the air growing thin. Up above the rooftops smiling, Up there like a star my guiding light. She says that everything`s alright. Wanna take a trip on the Light Fantastic ? Dying for a life but you never would`ve guessed it. Wannabe a Hero ? Wannabe a Star ? Wannabe Yourself ? Be what you are. Lunar Landing, Solar Eclipse, Nuclear Fission Silicon Chips, Blank Expressions, Points of View, Honest, I`d do anything 4 U. It`s True ! The energy you`re giving off`s the driving force in everything I do. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Racing for a Heart Attack, On a one way trip to oblivion, with no turning back. Right there in my dreams she`s gliding, Orbiting me like a satellite. Out in the Galaxy tonight, A Supernova burning bright. At any time of day or Night, She tells me everything`s alright.
I want to move quickly skywards, I want to shoot up to the moon, I need to heave up all the anchors, Sail out on the tide at noon, Draw me, Paint for me a Yantra, That I can run beyond the Sleep of Dreams, Sleep of Dreams, Sleep of Dreams, Sleep of Dreams, Sleep of Dreams, Give to me the colours of a rainband, Shades of which I`ve never seen before, I will use them all within the symbol, To open up the locks upon that door, (then I will) Climb into dimensions undiscovered, Holding my Yantra firm before my sight. Before my sight. Before my sight. Before my sight. Before my sight. Living in the areas on the bright side, Kingdom of knowledge so discreet, Hungry for the heart of education, Thirsty for that feeling so complete, Lift up my vision oh my Yantra, I will run beyond the Sleep of Dreams, Sleep of Dreams, Sleep of Dreams, Sleep of Dreams, Sleep of Dreams,
Whoo Hooo! Hey Hey Hey!
Sunshine lighting up the morning, Sunlight waking up the day, And there`s nothing I have to do but to spend my time with you. Oh you can`t beat being free in the summertime. Chorus Oh No you can`t beat being free in the summertime. You can go down town, just walk out in the sun. You can swim in all the streams, Love and live out all your dreams, Life`s a breeze doing what you please just having fun. I`m gonna get on my bike I`m gonna go for a ride, I`m gonna head right out to the countryside, Park up down by the river I`ll take off my close and dive. Pack up some food and a couple of cans, Lay out in the sun and get a nice deep tan. Aint no better way to spend your summertime. Chorus With the sun in the sky and the temperature high, And I`m feeling so great that I wish I could fly. Like the birds up there in the nice clean air, And I aint got a care just the wind in my hair. We`ll get home about nine and we`ll open the wine, Watch the sun go down just a feeling so fine. No you can`t beat being free in the summertime.
I watch the T.V. , I see the Adverts. They tell me how to live my life the person I ought to be. I read the papers, Magazines of Fashion. They show me visions of the Norm I just can`t hope to achieve. Under the table I wear my label, Cos I`m not able to identify myself. Present the image that is expected and just a symbol of imaginary wealth. Umbro, Armani, Get out your cheque books, And make another contribution to the social divide. Ben Sherman, Reebok. Take out a bank loan. I`m under pressure from the primitive side. Mommy Mommy I want the new shirt just like Tommy ! Get the mother through the mind of the child. I need the right things so I can fit in, Cos children can be cruel and so receptive to hype. Chorus I wear the make up, I use the skin cream, I eat the diet to stay pretty and young. I want a figure just like the models, So I go out to the bathroom and I throw it all up. Out in the disco I drink the right things, Label to front so that everybody can see. Holsten and Fosters, Bacardi Breezers, I only take the drugs that they sell on T.V. Chorus I`ve seen the movie, I`ve bought the T-shirt, So now I`m just another product like the rest on the shelf. I know I`m J.D. or am I Tommy ? But I`ve got half an hours free talk time to express myself. I walk the tightrope between the logos, Iwear the symbol of the age but I don`t know what it means. I`m independent in my thinking, So don`t you mess with me cos I`m my own can of beans.


Celtic Cross 3rd Studio Album


released June 6, 2001

Mark Fox - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, mandolin, Programming
Ian Guy - Vocals guitar, hatmonica
Maelor Hughes - Bodhran, Spoons
Dave Hughes - Mandolin, Double Bass
Nigel Burder - Engineer


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Panjenix Accrington, UK

Panjenix are a Turbofolk Trio from East Lancashire performing a mix of excellent self written material and alternate versions of Folk, Rock and Punk songs. They feature a blend of acoustic and electronic technologies to deliver an eclectic and entertaining performance featuring songs from Political/Social comment to love songs to comedy, which has been captivating audiences countrywide for years. ... more

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