Folk n L​.​I.

by Celtic Cross



Celtic Cross 2nd Studio Album


released November 13, 2018

Engineered by Nyge Hell


all rights reserved



Panjenix Accrington, UK

Panjenix are a Turbofolk Trio from East Lancashire performing a mix of excellent self written material and alternate versions of Folk, Rock and Punk songs. They feature a blend of acoustic and electronic technologies to deliver an eclectic and entertaining performance featuring songs from Political/Social comment to love songs to comedy, which has been captivating audiences countrywide for years. ... more

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Track Name: Mutha Nature
Mutha Nature

Love Ya Mutha ! Mutha NutureShe`s always there a lovin` and a carin`
She made the world for all to use it and gave you life so don`t abuse it
Blind men open up your eyes long past time you realised
The beauty and wonder of creation, over your mechanichal infutuation
Always using, not replacing, her rhythmic cycle you`re outpacing
Creates the crisis you`re now facing,
I`ve got no time for your rat racing
You see we got no time to stop and look
at the greener pastures over the fence
Just gear up yer car and speed away and disappear in a puff o science

I love the country my mother`s garden,
Tranquility my senses sharpen
I feel the earth beneath my feet and take a breath of air thats sweet
I got no worries I`m out pickin dem berries
I see the twentieth century whistling past
I look to the future of this alien culture and hope that the world can last
How I hope we can save some greenery,
Just long enough for our children to see
The picture painted by our mother`s hand
The beautiful pasture of this green and pleasant land

I love my mother and I state my devotion, I know it is a worthy emotion
Cos mother loves and provides for all, Summer, Winter, Spring and fall
She loves each creature big and small, Man, Bird, Beast and creepy crawly
Everything that flies inthe air, Everything that moves in the earth
Everything that swims in the sea, Every tree every flower she gave them birth
And man and woman she made them too
Now what do these remorseless children do ?
Rape her soil, Pollute her seas, Choke her air and burn her trees
Reap the Crop - But Plant the Seed
Oblivious to the warning shout "Act now my time is running out !
The Race You Run Cannot be Won
Live By Love Not By Gun
Take In Need And Not in Greed

Track Name: Place We Belong
Place We Belong

Up on the skyline of all our tomorrows
Spring forth your dreams where they ought to belong
They`re in ther with angels, They`re guiding you gently
Changing their patterns as you`re carried, we`re carried along

You`re looking this way and I`m looking that way
Somedays the way disappears out of view
Somedays the wind blows, Somedays the rain falls
The suns always shining in the place, in the place we belong.
Track Name: She's got Rhythm
She’s Got Rhythm

She’s Got Rhythm
She’s Got All Seeing Eyes
And The Reason Well
It comes as no surprise

What She Needs is Happiness
Love and Lots of Tenderness
Only Open Spaces Can Provide
In Only Open Spaces Can Reside

There’s No Darkness NO
Cos the Light is Always On
Cos Reality Has Begun

It was always there somehow
Who’s to Question Here and Now
Onwards Ever Upwards Ever More
Onwards Ever Upwards Ever Sure

There’s So Much Brightness there
When She Opens Up Her Eyes
This World Inside Her Head
Could Be Bigger than the Skies

Up Above the Moon somewhere
Among the Clouds that Linger there
Onwards Ever Upwards Ever More
Onwards Ever Upwards Ever Sure

There’s No Darkness NO
Cos the Light is Always On
Cos Reality Has Begun

It was always there somehow
Who’s to Question Here and Now
Onwards Ever Upwards Ever More
Onwards Ever Upwards Ever Sure
Onwards Ever Upwards Ever More
Onwards Ever Upwards Ever Sure
Track Name: These Situations
These Situations

Where there are fountains of gold
Spilling out over the edges or so I am told
Flags waving over the crowd
All their colours now faded pretending they`re loud
The textbooks of time show the stains
But don`t teach us too fast while destruction remains

Oh These Good, These Bad, These Hard, These Situations,
That You`re Livin` in, Never givin` in, Unforgiving in. x2

Deciding some coin to be flipped
The weary unwanted became so tight lipped
As they flocked from their homes to the hills
Restarting their lives with emotional bills
Just watching the ships in the rain
Horizons Diminished for the ones who remain

Oh These Good, These Bad, These Hard, These Situations,
That You`re Livin` in, Never givin` in, Unforgiving in.
Track Name: Genuine

There are some people with smiles on their faces,
Hate on their lips and no single trace
Of the meaning they`re keeping behind their disguise.
Building their lives upon lies

There are some people who make like your friend,
Say they`ll stand by you right up to the end,
Then they let you down `cos they only pretend,
To build up their friendships on lies.

If they only knew the extent of the damage they do.
So this one goes out to, the last remaining Few,
Genuine People.

Then there`s the ones with their hearts on their sleeves,
Who bend over backwards to make you believe,
That they`re being real whenthey really decieve,
They build up an Image of lies.

Then there`s the ones who will act like your lover,
In all of the world there could never be another,
There`s no big mistake you can`t ever recover,
Don`t cover it all up with lies.


Then there`s the ones who`re just out for themselves,
They tell you one thing but mean something else.
They change their two faces in front of your eyes,
And think that you can`t see their lies.

Track Name: Spaceships of a Different Kind
Spaceships of a different kind

I looked up and up and up and I kept on looking up
How far did it go ? and could anyone know ?
I counted one and one and one and one til there were oh so many ones
Too many to own or to be left alone.
Star traveller come my way in a science not our own
Dream voyager of galaxies Science ? Not at all !
In the theories and equations no answers do they find
Renaissance or Dark Ages the blind still lead the blind
Salvation or Damnation is the fate of Humankind
Recapture the lost magick to build spaceships of the mind
To build spaceships of a different kind.

Hey savage out in the African bush or on the North American plains
How come you`re so much more in touch with the things so far away
No delusions of grandeur haunt you, no illusions show on your face
In the ever turning wheel of life you simply take your place
But you can fly like an eagle or run on the hooves of a horse
Shoot through space like a shaft of light to follow our stream to the source
While we`re bogged down with the paperwork well we got a livin` to earn
Cos if we don`t have the money we can`t pay the rent
Or watch the telly, go the shop, Hey Call A Cop !
Cos there`s a new god in town, His Manna you`re spending
Raining from the sky hard metal impending
Stirring the storm to block the messages

You know ther once was a power that coursed through this earth
Which could only be touched by dreams
But the false gods built their altars there and capped off the Orgone streams
Using this energy in negative ways Materialism Boomed
Creating a niche for the master and slave your spirituality`s Doomed
Cos we look to a god for a reason to be, there`s an afterlife as an excuse
You see I don`t have to be who I`m destined to be
I just booked me a place next to Zeus
Pagan Rites got shat on by the Church
The Church gets shat on by Science
Science gets shat on by power and greed
(Just like a parasite, Can`t they do anything right ?)
Well we keep looking out and not looking in for answers not there to find
Ahead of us or behind, Hey somebody give me a sign
Someday we`ll build spaceships of a different kind.
Track Name: Something to Believin
Something to Believe In

Can You face your Future when they’ve broken down your Dreams
Ripped through your houses, Leaving only the Beams
On Which to Build

Is this your Future? Is it What you intended to Be?
Shadows Blinding your conscience Merely to let you See

You Need Something to Believe in x3

What’s the price of believing when there’s nothing left inside?
Spent all your emotions Better go run and hide yourself away

But there’s nowhere you can run and there’s nowhere you can hide
Don’t get lost in your feelings, Never Rely on your pride

Get Something to Believe in x3

Though life may cast some shadows on the wall
And the doorway aint so easy to find
Put your key in the lock turn the handle
Unlock the pictures of your mind
Keep this vision on your Mental Television
‘Til there’s nothing that remains that’s deceiving
Let yourself go you’ll be sure to know
That you’ve found

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