Far Canal Fire

by Celtic Cross



1st Studio Album by Celtic Cross


released November 13, 2018

Mark Fox
Ian Guy
Nyge Hell


all rights reserved



Panjenix Accrington, UK

Panjenix are a Turbofolk Trio from East Lancashire performing a mix of excellent self written material and alternate versions of Folk, Rock and Punk songs. They feature a blend of acoustic and electronic technologies to deliver an eclectic and entertaining performance featuring songs from Political/Social comment to love songs to comedy, which has been captivating audiences countrywide for years. ... more

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Track Name: Sure Not Sure
Sure Not Sure
Finding out the hard way all these stories they were true.
I never would have thought that these things hide inside of you
But now I`ve got tomorrow and a different point of view
Am G D
Cos I`m Sure that I`m just not so sure anymore,
I wont return those smiles that I once had in store,
You had all your reasons ready when you came knocking on my door
Now I`m Sure that I`m just not So Sure.

Love has left a circle in the shadows of this maze,
It`s counting out the Minutes and crossing out the Days,
Take me down these memories will get lost within the haze.
Acting out your promises and acting out your dreams,
Just how many strings to cut to finalise your schemes,
But it doesn`t really matter now it`s the way it goes it seems.
Written in the papers and reflected in your eyes,
The way you had to do it really took me by surprise,
But now you`re sitting in the shadows drawing patterns with your lies.
Track Name: Greenfinger Children
Greenfinger Children
Em – C Throughout
Greenfingered children, Yes You, Heed the warning.
Do you see the sun turning blue in the morning
Gaze at the rain leaving trails down your windows,
Changing it`s colour by which way the wind blows.

Towers of power you pump out your ruin,
Deep in the bowels the foul liquids are brewing,
Leaking their troubles far into the ocean,
Changing the fish with their chemical potion.

Am G D
Won`t you please lend your ears

To the sound of some scientists fears

Too Late when the damage is done

When you`ve burnt out our only defence from the sun
Em C D
Choke on the chemical breeze

Strange little droplets pop out when you sneeze
Am G D
Greenfingered children Beware !

When you check the condition of your life giving air x2

What do we do ? Do we simply complain ?
STOP every car, every bus, every plane,
Blame it on THEM for the hole in the sky
We`ll all be dead When the Earth starts to fry


D – G – D – G - A – G – A – G - D
Track Name: Everybody needs a day off now and then
Day Off

No matter what you`re doing if your doing it every day
You`re bound to find that there comes a time when it just gets in the way
Ah you need a break you just can`t take the same routine again
Everybody needs a day off now and then !

Oh I can`t wake up this morning, I don`t feel like going in
Everybody needs a day off now and then

If it`s nose to the grind on the factory floor slaving for your pay
Or it`s hanging around, going down town waiting for Giro day
If you`re flying round the world in your personal jet making big cash deals in Yen
Everybody needs a day off now and then !

If you`re waving to the crowd from your big gold coach or your castle in the air
And Fergie`s not there cos she`s having an affair with another millionare
And changing the guard is not very hard It doesn`t start while ten
But even the bloody Queen needs a day off now and then

If you`re out to a gig til the early hours, Smoking all your stash
Or your off down town really knocking em down just having a midweek bash
Well get on the phone call personnel, Tell em you got the shits
And get right back between the sheets and roll another spliff
Track Name: God Cursed Me with a Brain
God Cursed Me with a Brain

God cursed me with a brain, Now I fumble for the words to explain,
How I would have been happy as a dumb animal,
Ya know next time think I`ll come back as a Bull,
Nothing to do except eat and sleep and Faaaaah......................ck

No such luck !

God cursed me with a brain, Now Logic washes over me like rain,
I could have been Albert Einstein if I`d tried
Could`ve donated my body to science when I died,
I could`ve been cool as a Rock`n`Roll Star,

Yeah but here we are !

God cursed me with a brain, and the virtues of this organ seem so strange,
Morals and emotions all distract,
Could cleave my skull with a single cold hard fact,
Memories come and go just as they please,

Sanity leaves

And I want to take the bullshit in my stride,
Want to just sit back and switch off my mind,
Like to turn and look the other way
But I just stay, every day, I`ll go my own sweet way

God cursed me with a brain.

Didn`t have the decency to leave me an instruction book,
To help to explain,
Why what I`m told just don`t seem right to me,
When it doesn`t correspond to the things I see,
Why some grow strong and others fade away,

I just can`t say, Hey ! can anyone say ?
Track Name: Rare Old Time
Rare Old Time

Morning broke and I awoke,
Sunlight streaming through my window
Chasing those sweet dreams out from my head
With a brew and a smoke and on with me coat
It`s off to run that race again
There must be something else to do instead
All the clocks go slow til the whistle blows
That homebound train is coming for me
The booze and the T.V. help to pass the time
Ah but I don`t mind walking the line
The weekend`s nearer all the time
Those two short days of freedom will soon be mine.

Did we have a time ?
We had a rare old time!
All of us just feeling fine
Could not find a greater state of mind
Oh did we have a time ?
We had a rare old time !
Dancing, Laughing, Drinking wine
Could not be more happy if we tried

Good Friday comes round every week
It`s off to chase those thrills I seek
It`s Party Night in every single bar
The week`s been a shitty one but here comes a pretty one
Driftin` across the smokey room
Shining out just like a midnight star
Well we wanna get it on but the band`s coming on
It`s time to dance and sing along
Shake away those cares and strives of ours
So we jump to the left and we swing to the right
Sing and dance for half the night
Then we`ll all sit round and have another jar


Saturday comes and we wanna have fun
We`d better make an early start
Before we check the match down on the park
Win or lose we`ll be lighting the fuse, charging up our energies
To drive us through the night when it gets dark
So we go from pub to pub
Til there`s no more left so we hit a club
Drinking like it`s going out of style
So the night rolls on and on
‘til the first bright light of morning comes
At last we get our heads down for a while


Sunday never starts til noon
And sometimes even that`s too soon
To wipe the bleary cobwebs from my eyes
But my head`s still here and as it starts to clear
And memory comes flooding back
I didn`t really do all that did I
Well I don`t care what people think
Tonight I`m gonna do the same again
There`s no point ever doing things by halves
So it all goes round and round
Not standing up for falling down
Basically just getting nowhere fast

Track Name: G Man
G Man

Government Man he gave me a job,
as a DSS worker they earn a few Bob
Go for my breakfast and go for my tea,
with all of that suffering staring at me

Government Man he gave me a home,
put my high rise ass on a high rise throne
All of my hopes have gone sailing away,
now they’re picking up seashells on sweet Galway Bay

Oh What a Mess !
I’m impressed I’m impressed
by the extent of the jest. Oh Yes.

Harry Krishna say “Hello” to me mum,
like Hiroshima said “Hello” to the bomb
I know that I cried on the day I was born,
as the general payola blew hole s in the dawn

Loneliness wont you make me your friend,
cos I’m sure you’ll come down for me in the end
I Fear not armies I fear not lies,
just the drunken old bastard with death in his eyes.

What a Mess !
I’m impressed I’m impressed
by the extent of the jest. You must be takin the piss.

The Devils in heaven and gods down in hell
So what’s right and what’s wrong’s getting harder to tell
But the Demons and Angels that live in my heart,
Gonna take this Oblivion and tear it apart.

Take this Oblivion

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